It’s a Miracle!

One of our friends on Facebook, shared this story with us, with a wish for Tristan to experience the same.

It was about a lady who needed a medical procedure not available in the States and was raising funds to go abroad. (hmm, sounds familiar!)

It seems it was her good fortune to randomly meet someone in the parking lot who had the means and the heart to share in her need.  The stranger gave a cheque for $500 to this woman to help out.  Wow!  A complete stranger just handed her a cheque for five hundred bucks!!  But the story didn’t stop there.  Later he decided to come back and  promised to write another cheque for her.  This time he wrote out a personal cheque in the amount of $20,000.  It was enough for her to start her treatment, to pay for the trip and the accomodation… she’s now free to explore her options and maybe save her life.  What a blessing!!  But it only happens in the papers, right?

Our Tristan Taylor Gift of Hope goal:


After fundraising for almost 4 months, the graph below announced our progress for all to see.

Sure it looked pretty intimidating, but we were up to the challenge.  We had no other option!

On a graph of this magnitude, it wasn’t very encouraging by March 1st.

After we had worked for 7 months raising funds,  it seemed like our resevoir of hope was drying up before we reached halfway.

Then, out of the blue, a person contacts a radio personality in Victoria and says they’ve heard about Tristan’s situation and would like to anonymously donate $20,000.  That was like a catalyst of hope.  A perfect stranger had dug deeper than any of us could imagine and blessed us with a gift of twenty thousand dollars!!  This was encouraging, not only to us, but to all our supporters.

Slowly our trust fund total  managed to scale the wall of challenge, with our famous “sliding graph” recording the changes … and by July we only had just over another $12,000 to raise.  But we were almost out of events, and we were definitely out of steam.

In July  a wonderful musical event had been planned, which ended up threatened with inclement weather.  Only the hardiest of souls braved the chill wind and ominous promise of rain.

We felt as if hope was standing still…

For me, it was the first ever event that I was able to attend because I live out of country.  I was nervous as we drove to the small town of Mission.  It was the most gorgeous park venue, and we could see emptiness both in the parking lot and on the park greens.

I stopped with my four year-old grandson outside the park gates and said “Griffen, we need to ask God for a miracle.”  Then together we put our heads down and asked God “to please hold off the rain until 6 o’clock.”

All afternoon we watched the grey, murky sky.  At 5:50 we were wrapping up the last of the prize give-aways and at two minutes before six the skies began to spit tiny, insignificant raindrops.  By 6:05 the rain was pelting down, but the event was finished and people happily helped each other pack up technical equipment, chairs, musical instruments, cameras and computers, jewellery, paints and papers and no one even really tried dodging the rain… we were all just smiling and laughing — and very soggy, as we left the parking lot.

On our way out to the concert we thought if we raised $600 on this day it would be a miracle.  We raised over twice that!

But we still had over $10,000 left to raise.  It would take months and copious events, even at this rate!

And then again, out of left field, another benefactor offered $10,000 to go toward The Gift of Hope for Tristan.  They wanted to remain anonymous to the world at large. Together with a some smaller fundraisers, we were finally there.

July 18 we made the  public announcement.

We had raised $100,000 for the treatment.

Our collective hearts wanted Tristan on that plane immediately…  but unknown to all of us, time had taken it’s toll on Tristan’s body, and there was more hand-to-hand combat he had to engage in against his arch-enemy, cancer.

What most people don’t realize, is that the clinic he’s going to is an “out-patient” clinic.  He MUST be ambulatory and his immune system needs to be fairly strong to withstand the rigors of travel and daily trips to and from the clinic for tests.

Our next miracle came silently.  Tristan was still in Canada when he needed drastic, immediate care.  Had he been in the States when this happened, it is not inconceivable that every penny we had raised for the specialized treatment would have been needed  for emergency care.  And we would be back at square one.

When finally Tristan and Marion DO make this first trip, it will probably cost in the neighborhood of $4,000 for direct flights and all the other costs it will take to remain in Houston for up to three weeks.  After this point they may be returning every 6 weeks for a few days for the remainder of the treatment…  So now we know  it is wise if we raise a bit more for transportation and accomodation, because with those kinds of costs, it will make things excrutiatingly tight for the Taylors.

Are we worried?  Have we already had our “share” of miracles?  We certainly have.  And we are so thankful for every one of them.

And we appreciate the many OTHER miracles, not written down here.  And for the miracles that consisted of  gifts of $5 or $500; spare change and generous helpers; birthday gift money or cookie sales; silent auctions and hot dog sales; card making and card sales; car washes and bottle drives; concerts and burger nites; for the people who gave openly and those who gave anonymously; for those who gave out of plenty and those who gave sacrifically… because every one of these miracles have come from the heart… isn’t that a miracle in itself?

A hundred thousand miracles…

Thank God He doesn’t keep count.


~ by tristansgiftofhope on August 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “It’s a Miracle!”

  1. Thanks again FreeDigital Photos and BJWok for the cool “believe” stones and DigitalArt for making the fun “WoW” picture, so I didn’t have to!

  2. I remember that Sunday in Mission! It was precious to me to share that truly “family” event with you, including the Divinely delayed rain!
    I’m glad we’re so close to the goal! Thank God Tristan was in Canada when he needed to be for saving $$. Will continue to watch & pray.

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