The Final Wave of Hope….

Without having heard this quote before today, this is just exactly what we have done.  We started simply by standing beside a young man with inoperable cancer.  It was necessary… to give him a chance to hope for a future.  It was out of love and concern and a desire to help in some small way.  We knew that we had to support Tristan; to support his family; because they had already weathered a 6 year battle with cancer.


And now hope was growing dim.  The reality was there wasn’t really much anyone else could  DO through those years, except pray or wish them well and maybe be a listening ear.

Then came our opportunity to actually DO something.  We could rally a group of caring people to help put together finances to allow Tristan to try an alternate cancer treatment that he’d researched, but which was far out of his family’s financial capability to give to him.  The treatment was his “possible”.  It was also our “possible”.  We could rise to the challenge!

Our IMPOSSIBLE was the overwhelming sum; a $100,000.00 price tag put arbitrarily on someone’s life, which seemed paltry when considered in that light, but none-the-less, far beyond our reach.

Soon the IMPOSSIBLE was being met head-on in a battle for Tristan’s well-being and with the desire to uplift this young man and give him eyes that could seriously look at a future.  We didn’t sit by in sackcloth and ashes and expect the money to come rolling in, but rather, overturned every stone and worked through multitudes of ideas, plans and events.

Exhaustion would best describe the phase we are in now, but TENACITY runs strong in our family and we are not about to give up when we are so close to our goal.  We will knock on every door, ring every bell and call from the mountain tops to get this message out there!

WE ARE ALMOST FINISHED! We have raised almost $87,000.00 as of July 1st.   With just a little push more, we can be finished the concerts, the hot dog sales, the garage sales and even the  precious grass-roots movements!  If everyone would take THIS project and pass it along with their own vote of confidence and  support… not only once or twice, but until we have reached our goal, then we can say:


and have Tristan on that plane to Texas, secure in the knowledge that he can finish what he starts and that there will be an army of people praying and wishing him well in the next phase of this life journey.

Please click on the link below to the Indiegogo Project–already at $1,090 as of July 1st, 2012 with only 15 funders—there’s plenty of room for you to join us financially, remembering that ‘EVERY DROP COUNTS!”–and together we could make a miracle happen with this FINAL WAVE!



~ by tristansgiftofhope on July 1, 2012.

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  1. good blog..:)

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