What’s happening in the world of raising funds for Tristan’s cancer care? Besides being blown away by people’s incredible generosity, humbled by their sacrificial giving, and amazed by their creativity, I find myself doing much too much mental math.

My mind can’t get over the idea that a great number of people, giving a small amount of money, could be the solution to this overwhelming issue of having to raise an OUTLANDISH total in order that Tristan, a cancer warrior, might have the wherewithal to try a new, less toxic cancer treatment in the States. This amount is outlandish only because in Canada, we are not used to paying FULLY for healthcare.

I say fully, because it’s not until you have a serious health crisis, that you find out the things that our system DOESN’T cover. But that’s for another article. What we are discussing NOW are  feelings; specifically my mental state as we reach toward our goal of raising $100,000.00.  We are trusting this eye-popping amount will cover at least a year of cancer treatment at the Houston Burzynski Clinic for Tristan Taylor, who is heading into his seventh year battling neuroblastoma.

Cancer.  Deadly, unrelenting, iniquitous cancer.

We can’t buy a cure, but we won’t sit idly by without exhausting our possibilities for hope. I look at it this way. If it were MY son and all that stood between him and a hope for a future was $100,000… then I would find a way to get that money.

Well, it’s not my son, it’s my sister’s son… and all that stands between him and a hope for a future is $100,000… and we WILL find a way.

Breaking it down into simple math is what I find myself constantly doing.

Watching the Super Bowl I asked my husband…

“How many people are there?”

He answers.

“How much did each person pay for a ticket to get in to see the game?”

Another answer.


We spend a LOT of money to entertain ourselves.

Then I start doing the math.

What if every person there gave only $1 out-of-pocket?

But it wouldn’t happen.

But it COULD happen…couldn’t it?

I live in Hungary, and after 10 years we finally decided to get satellite TV. So, now we also have access to North American shows… some good, some as old as ten years (hey they’re new to us!!) and some that leave a whole lot to be desired.

Take the show “Outrageous Kid’s Parties”.  I don’t know when it was originally aired.  Along with the reality wave, obviously.  Never having seen it, I watched.

It chronicles extravagant, narcissistic, self-serving parents trying to splash-out on celebrations ostensibly for their kids. I sat, horrified, as a family spent something in the neighborhood of thirty thousand dollars for a pre-school birthday party. I can’t even remember the age of the child, but he was too little to  remember it well, if at all, without self-glorifying parental input!

I also don’t recall the final tally of all the bills, for pirates, a tall ship and fencing lessons, among other things–I was in SHOCK. What I DO remember is being appalled, surprisingly angry and moved to frustrated tears as I thought about the futility of that kind of cash outlay. Money so lavishly wasted on one DAY, on a memory eventually abandoned by a little boy for the next overindulgent experience… A total expenditure which represented an immense portion of what is needed  for treatment that could SAVE a young man’s LIFE.

Mental math.

It can be hazardous to your mental health.

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~ by tristansgiftofhope on February 24, 2012.

One Response to “MENTAL MATH….”

  1. I like your blogs. You are much kinder and generous and way more literary than me!
    Way to go!

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