Fun, Fund, Fundraising….

You know, the first english word in “fundraising” is “fun”… and I’m thinking that can be true.

My grandson is fundraising for his preschool class for an organization that supports  kids in Africa.  He and his mom went door-to-door soliciting donations for his dance-a-thon.  How could you refuse a precious little blue-eyed mop-top standing at your door, saying “I need a donation for the little boys in East Africa because they are hungry.”

After that first explosion of enthusiasm, he learned the more acceptable phrase “would you like to donate…”  but other cute things came out of this not-yet-four-year-old boy’s mouth … filling up his donor sheet.  Only one person he talked to did not donate.

I’m sure she must have been broke that day.

We as Tristan’s family, have undertaken a huge challenge.  We are trying to raise one hundred thousand dollars for Tristan to have the opportunity to try an alternate cancer treatment in the States.

And people have been wonderful.  To date we have raised over $30,000.00!  Wow!  Doesn’t that just blow you away?

It’s just that the remaining amount is more than twice that.

I know that if you are reading this you are interested in where we have been and where we are headed!  The fundraising began in earnest in October with the first campaign being “The Gift of Hope” email campaign.

While this was happening, family in Victoria was planning an open invitation evening at a local pub where people could come and have a burger and a beer for $20… with half of those proceeds going to Tristan’s Trust.  As well there would be a Silent Auction where people could bid on items and take something home if they were the lucky winner!

Then one of Tristan’s friends decided that she would use her photography skills and do a photo-shoot weekend with some of her photography school friends.  During the planning of this, two more of her friends decided that they would pledge all their tips from for a particular time at their restaurant workplace and give them to the Fund.

Once these were accomplished, the family was busy thinking different ideas…  a frozen food fundraiser, an ongoing bottle drive, a raffle for a tapestry, a bottle drive, selling t-shirts, a campaign aimed directly at business …  some ideas worked better than others and a couple were set aside for various reasons, and a couple are ongoing.

Friends who have a small business in Victoria set up a “collection” and then had a weekend where they gave a portion of their sales and matched it!

Then in Australia, where Tristan’s step-sister Genna lives, she and her band put on a concert  and another group put on an artistic evening with poetry reading and the like.

In Victoria, some dedicated neighbors have been quietly and purposefully donating all their bottle funds to  Tristan’s Trust Fund at Coast Capital Savings.  And a second grade classroom donated funds from the “left-over” dough of their annual Christmas cookie fundraiser.

In Vancouver a family gave to Tristan’s Trust Fund in lieu of giving one another  Christmas gifts.

Up-Island people held spa days and donated the proceeds… others collected funds and sent those along.

In Hungary, we sold Christmas cards, did an  Hungarian email campaign,  had a stamping party before Christmas.

And all around the world generous and caring people were just giving for the sake of helping a young man obtain his goal … and giving him the gift of hope.

From the start, his family has been writing letters, to all and sundry and getting little positive response, but they keep going. Check out the  blog article “Five Minutes of Fame” for more on this story!

We have a few new ideas on the front burners and will announce them as they come to reality, but think of us… pray for us or hold us in your hearts, as we are in the middle this enormous task.

Fun?  Well… it feels good to be able to do something for Tristan and Marion after they have had to be basically alone in the battle the last six years… But I wouldn’t use the word fun.  It’s hard work.  How do we say we need more people to give more than we have already received?  How do we say we can’t stop asking until we have this huge amount of money in the Trust Fund?  How do we impart a sense of urgency?

I’d like to have the candor of a 4 year old and say:

“I NEED A DONATION for my nephew in Victoria because he may not see many more birthdays otherwise …”

But it’s too hard.

Pail & shovel photo by Michelle Meiklejohn FDP


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  1. I hope I haven’t left out any fundraisers… let me know if I have and I’ll add yours to this story!!

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