Our Mission Statement as Tristan’s Family

We know we cannot guarantee Tristan a cure, no matter what kind of therapy is available or where it is. What we CAN guarantee is that we  stand beside Tristan, support him, show our concern and care for him, let him know it matters to us whether he lives or dies, tell him by our words and actions we love him, and give him HOPE to keep fighting.

We have no wish to debate, degrade or deify current treatment or future treatment. We are grounded in reality and seek to give others the opportunity to stand with us in this fight for Tristan’s life and his hope for a future.

We consider each of you precious regardless of your decision to support Tristan financially and we try our best to acknowledge those who have shown their care in words, actions and gifts. We appreciate the prayers and good-wishes of those who know us and those who don’t. We are humbled by those who give sacrificially and  by those who are able to give out of abundance.  We know we cannot do this alone.

… Thank you for your part in Tristan’s HOPE.

“Individually we are a drop.  TOGETHER WE ARE AN OCEAN”    


Quote by R. Saturo

Photo Online


~ by tristansgiftofhope on January 4, 2012.

One Response to “Our Mission Statement as Tristan’s Family”

  1. Michelle, this is beautiful. It is so all inclusive in all ways. Your steadfastness, I am sure is what keeps Tristan going. Family is so important whether is blood or friends who are as close or closer than family. Thank you for sharing so articulately. Who you are really does make a difference and gives hope to ALL the Tristans on this playing field.

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